Adventures with Esther

The White Laggan bothy

The narrow valley that links Clatteringshaws with Glentrool is a classic highland landscape. Flanked by Merrick – the highest peak in southern Scotland – with a loch at either end, it deserves to be better known. It has several tracks that you can link together on a bike, but the classic route is the cafe at Clatteringshaws to the cafe at Glentrool and back. A slight detour to White Laggan Bothy for coffee making is part of today’s plan.

Backhill o’ the Bush

Spring has slowly become summer and there is no longer the rush to ride in that thin slither of light between dawn and dusk that limits winter rides to 6 hours. I remember a ride from last autumn beyond Clatteringshaws, an inviting left turn that headed down the glen of the River Dee before it turned to the north into the high moors of the Galloway Forest.

Introducing Esther

Right up until my husband, Warren, forged my signature on a 200K Audax entry, I was just someone who commuted to work by bike. More than 200,000 miles later and 4 years of riding around the world, I’ll be using my riding expertise and local knowledge to introduce you to the beautiful region of Dumfries & Galloway.