Where to stay

Thinking of turning your Raiders Gravel adventure into a week-long getaway? First of all, let us say: smart move. The South of Scotland has so much to offer, and we guarantee you’ll find plenty of things to see and do. Here are our favourite accommodation options!

From Gatehouse to the beaches

If you stop someone on the street here in Gatehouse and ask “which is the best beach?”, you will get a long and possibly complicated answer that will include the words “well, it depends”. We have so many beautiful beaches here in Galloway, you’ll have to do some serious exploring before picking your personal favourite!

The quirky Southern Uplands

The first bit of Scotland that you come to that looks like the Scotland of postcards is the Southern Uplands. This often overlooked area has defined much of Scotland’s history. The fashionable tweed fabric, started here on the Tweed, plus Abbotsford House, the home of novelist Sir Walter Scott, and more fine castles per square mile than anywhere further north. And yes indeed, the highest village in Scotland – who knew that!

Wigtownshire and the Rhins of Galloway

Close links with Ireland rather than Edinburgh make this lush green part of Galloway a special experience. Take the whole loop or part of it, and perhaps stay a night, and head for the Mull of Galloway where, just for a moment, you can be the most southerly person in Scotland and see six countries on a bright clear horizon day.

Solway Coast

There is a beautiful coastal route that you can take that passes through another world: there are castles, historic abbeys, sandy beaches and quaint harbours, and a fine whisky distillery to visit. Dumfries & Galloway is a place to decompress, so why not begin by taking the Solway Coast scenic drive?